WaveFly Powered by JMF Solutions


During the week of 12/30, our JMF Solutions Facebook page will be merged into our current WaveFly page. Everyone that is currently following the JMF Facebook page will automatically follow the WaveFly page if you haven’t done so already. Our LinkedIn page has been renamed WaveFly from JMF Solutions. Lastly, the JMF Solutions website will have a new look highlighting WaveFly and providing a redirection to the WaveFly website for those interested. We wanted to discuss more about the merger and our company’s brand realignment with all of you.

It’s been an exciting year for WaveFly as 2019 and this decade comes to a close. We have seen record growth across many different facets of our business. Our employees continue to work tirelessly around the clock for each other and our clients. This initiative and work ethic is what makes WaveFly unique in the services we provide.

This decade was especially made special by our WaveFly family. Everyone from our coworkers, families, clients, and friends have been along for the ride as we continue to push ourselves and take our company to the next level. It’s integral to our business that nobody is ever satisfied with the number of products and level of service we provide to our clients. In addition to this, it’s our job for our clients and the public to know who we are as a company. That’s why we spent the majority of 2019 looking at our company brand, messaging, and forward-facing image. It was apparent that we needed to solidify who we are as a company and eliminate client confusion.

 WaveFly was created in 2012 as a product brand underneath JMF Solutions. The two names worked side by side with little distinction. This created marketplace confusion overtime between our peers, clients, and the general public. This is why we have decided to merge the JMF Facebook page and have started to drop the ‘A JMF Solutions Brand’ tagline from all of our client facing branding. WaveFly Powered By JMF Solutions is now our official company name used for the recognition of WaveFly’s large accolades such as our #1538 ranking on the 2019 Inc. 5000 and our #12 spot on CRN’s 2019 Fast Growth 150. Don’t worry though, the happy faces and excellent service you’ve come to know and love aren’t going anywhere.

We hope you will follow us on our WaveFly Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Merge Details

The countdown until the merge will start on 12/26.

Expected merge date is January 2nd, but this can happen at anytime during that week.

Current users that like or follow the JMF Solutions page don’t need to do anything. This also goes for those already following WaveFly.