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Heavily Discounted Cloud, Internet, Voice, and TV for Non-Profits

WaveFly supports many charities and non-profits in the Gulf Coast and Florida Panhandle and has been for the past 15 years. As each year passes, our team dedicates a significant portion of resources towards the growth and support of nonprofits.  Some of the more recent organizations we have worked with include Prodisee Pantry, Destin Charity Wine Auction, Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Volunteer Health Network, Wings of Life, Power 88, and more. Not sure if your organization is a good fit, let us know and we will be happy to chat!

wavefly supporting children's volunteer health network

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Are you a non-profit in need of cloud, internet, voice, or television services for your organization? We are always looking to help provide heavily discounted services to non-profit and charitable organizations throughout our service area. In some cases, we offer a 100% discount!

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How We Support Non-Profits

Call (251)-WAVEFLY to speak with our non-profit team

Affordable Pricing

Our services are bundled together to create affordable packages for nonprofits of all sizes

Customizable Packages

Don’t need everything we offer? Allow our team to create a customized package consisting of the services you NEED with no additional overhead

Service First

We operate with a service-first model to ensure our nonprofit clients have what they need around the clock to continue conducting business

WaveFly Services

All of our services are easily combined and work seamlessly once integrated into new or existing sytems

WaveFly Secure Cloud

WaveFly owned and operated VMware Enterprise, Multi-Tenant OpenStack, and managed Kubernetes, Cloud, and Edge computing services across multiple data centers in the US & Mexico. Designed to seamlessly interconnect and scale-out to all other major clouds including AWS, Azure, IBM, Oracle.

WaveFly TrueWAN

AES Encrypted layer 2/3 WAN & LAN multi-location service. SD-WAN without the magic…

WaveFly Total Voice

Active/Active SBCs, media and feature servers. Global peering and porting, termination, origination, and every enterprise feature imaginable.

WaveFly Connect

Layer 2/3 nationwide service. 30+ Carrier NNIs, 500+ Datacenters, Thousands of lit towers, and buildings.

What We Do

We work closely with nonprofit organizations to better understand their business how our services can play a role in their vision. Our team ensures each organization, regardless of their size, receives the same quality of service and support that our larger enterprise clients enjoy.

Our Story

Giving back to the community so many in our company call home is in our blood. The strongest component to continued growth and prosperity relies on unity and faith in a bigger purpose. Our company has grown from 1 employee to 52 over the last 15 years. This brings new opportunities every day to give back to those who were there from the beginning.

“With over five years of valued partnership, WaveFly has been consistent and reliable each and every time for Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation. Together we have raised millions of dollars for children in need in Northwest Florida and we look forward to continuing for many years to come!”

Karah Young

Director, Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation

WaveFly helped us get fiber installed and stabilize our internet. We now have Voice Over IP … more technology for phones than we know how to use… hoping to change that soon.  LOVE emails of voicemails for when working out of the office.  WaveFly came in assessed our facility and made needed upgrades to wiring and wireless networks, phones, etc.

Deann Servos

Executive Director, Prodisee Pantry

Employee Outreach

We are continuously looking for new causes to support. If you would like to speak with us about how WaveFly can get involved with your organization at any capacity we would love to hear from you!

Unlimited Time Off for Volunteering 

Employees receive unlimited time off to spend volunteering throughout their community.

Direct Involvement

Our company and employees are currently engaged with hundreds of non-profits and charitable organizations. Many have been personally involved with a number of different nonprofits from the ground up as an advisor and board member.

Yearly Company Donations

Our board of directors unanimously passed the vote to give a percentage of yearly revenue to local non-profits and charities.

We’ve Saved Non-Profits Over
Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

By only charging our clients for what they need, organizations can save money that would otherwise be spent on unnecessary equipment or upgrades. This allows the money to be put back into the organization to further grow and enhance its initiatives.

Non-Profit Application

Complete the application below so we can learn more about your organization and which of our services would be a good fit. From here, we can analyze your business needs and put together a plan that will allow you to provide the largest impact possible.


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