What happens when one of the world’s biggest cloud providers experiences extensive network outages across several apps? Business stops. Products included in Microsoft’s extensive product suite, Office 365, started to experience difficulties at 5:44 pm ET on September 28, 2020. It wasn’t until 10:30 pm ET that most of these services were back online, yet many still weren’t operating at standard capacity. The list of affected properties included Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, Teams Live Events, Office.com, Power Platform, and Dynamics365.

The Problem

Microsoft stated a recent update that affected the processing of authentication requests is the reason their cloud-based services became inaccessible. Logged-in users weren’t impacted until they logged out of their current session.

WaveFly Cloud Clients Continue to Conduct Business

We are happy to report that clients utilizing our cloud offering didn’t experience any interruption of service throughout Microsoft’s outage. Our company and the majority of our clients conduct business and rely on the continuity of Office 365 daily. These strict demands for high availability serve as the cornerstone of our WavFly Secure Cloud offering. Not only that, but our entire service suite is built upon the framework of our cloud and bundled into WaveFly Total Care.

wavefly multi cloud connectivity with aws, azure, google cloud, ibm cloud

How It Works

WaveFly Cloud is a multi-cloud environment with direct connectivity to AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud. Each point of connection works to form layered redundancy and security across various networks. Traffic is routed from endpoint to endpoint without touching an external system. Direct connectivity to these cloud providers creates a fail-safe of sorts serving as the backbone of an always-on environment regardless of any network failures that may plague a single provider.

The lack of multi-cloud connectivity was the chink in Microsoft’s armor yesterday. It is one of the largest disadvantages of working through a sole provider.

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