pen and letter

To our clients,

You are our friends and family. Please know that we are working with our carrier and data center partners to ensure all services remain up and fully functional during this time. We are fully committed to providing all services uninterrupted to all clients throughout this global crisis. Please understand that our teams and their families are also going through what you and your families are.

None of our employees are required to leave their homes and families, however, we have several employees who have elected to continue working in our offices and out in the field to support our clients. In fact, we have people working 24/7. All employees are taking extra precautions and are following all guidelines posted by the CDC as well as all state and local recommendations. While we are committed to our clients and your services, our very first commitment has to be to the health and wellbeing of all employees, clients, vendors, and everyone we could come into contact with.

In regards to the Internet and connectivity, this already is and will continue to be a tremendous stress on the global Internet and all carriers involved. We are already aware of multiple carriers and providers having outages and/or hitting major bottlenecks. We have already seen cases of clients reporting certain streaming services are not working as normal, and those boil down to various content providers and their carrier partners being overwhelmed with traffic. These issues will continue to increase as this situation escalates and more people are quarantined and using the Internet 24/7. For example, one of my favorite online news streaming services is CBSN, but it continues to buffer so I have switched to watching live feeds from YouTube.

We have already taken extensive measures to make sure there is limited to no congestion on our network(s) (AS40805) and that we can efficiently and quickly route around any problems. The entire world was not prepared for the entire world to be using every internet resource at the same time. You have my commitment that we will continue to manage and monitor our part of the Internet (AS40805) and to do our very best to provide the highest quality services possible during this time.

Thank you for your time and understanding. I pray that God watches over all of us and our families.

Mike Francis